2023 My Sisters Bones, Hair and makeup designer,  Heidi Greensmith, BKL 

2021 Hamlet , Hair and makeup designer,Sean Mathias ,  BKL productions

2020 Prisoners of Paradise, Hair and makeup designer, Mitch Jenkins , EMU films 

2018 The Show, Prosthetic/ Makeup/ Wig designer, Mitch Jenkins , Alan Moore, EMU films 

2017 Philip K. Dicks Electric Dreams, Wigs and makeup artist

2016 Stolen time, short, Hair and makeup designer, Nick Whitfield

2015 Our House, Prosthetic makeup/wig designer, Nathaniel Mellors

2015 Cinema Purgatoria (short), Hair/makeup designer, Mitch Jenkins, Alan Moore

2014 Showpieces ,Hair Wigs and make-up designer, Mitch Jenkins ,Alan Moore

2014 His Heavy Heart, Make-up/fx/hair design, Mitch Jenkins,Alan Moore

2012 Jimmy's end,Make-up/Fx/Hair Designer, Mitch Jenkins, Alan Moore

2011 In The Dark Half, Make-up/Fx/Hair Designer, Alaister Siddons

2010 Unknown, Make-up /fx artist, Horticus Pr, Joel Silver

2009 Skeletons, Make-up/FX/Hair Designer, Forward Films, Nick Whitfield (Bafta Nominated, Winner of the Michael Powell award for best british film of the year)

2010 A funny man, Prosthetic make-up, wig dresser, Martin Zandvilet, Nordisk Film

2010 One man and his dog, Wig/Make-up/FX Design, Between the eyes, Jonathan Hopkins

2009 Time travel boyfriends, Make-up/Prosthetics/Wig Designer, Josephine Halbert

2007 Pop Art, Make-up/Hair designer, Forward Films, Amanda Boyle

2006 There is only one Bob Lachford, Make-up/Hair Designer, Mash Productions, Mick Arnold


2023 A Little Life, Harold Pinter,  Hair and prosthetic makeup designer, Ivo Van Hove

2022 Drive Your Plow Over The Bones Of The Dead, Hair and makeup designer, UK Tour , Simon McBurney

2022 Bugsy Malone,  Hair and makeup designer, UK Tour, Sean Holmes

2022 Scandaltown , Hair and makeup designer, Lyric Hammersmith

2022 The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe, UK tour , Michael Fentiman

2021 The Cherry Orchard , Hair and makeup designer , Windsor theatre Royal

2021 Carousel , Hair and makeup designer , Regents Park Theatre

2021 Is God Is , Prosthetic makeup designer , The Royal Court Theatre

2021 The Long Song, Hair and Makeup designer , Chichester Festival theatre 

2021 Hamlet Theatre , Hair and makeup designer Royal Windsor

2020 Love Love Love , Hair and makeup designer, Lyric theatre

2019 The Duchess of Malfi, Prosthetic prop maker,  Almeida, Rebecca Frecknell

2019 The Lion the witch and the wardrobe, Wigs hair and makeup designer, The Bridge , Sally Cookson 

2019 Noises off  Wigs hair and makeup designer, Lyric Theatre, Garrick theatre , Jeremy Herrin

2019 Death of a Salesman  Wigs/ hair makeup designer, The Young Vic, Piccadilly Theatre, Marianne Elliott and Miranda Cromwell

2019 Pah La, prosthetic makeup design, The Royal court, Debbie Hannan

2019 Hedda Tessman, hair/ Makeup/ fx design , Chichester festival , Holly Race Roughan

2019 A Midsummer Nights Dream, Wigs and makeup designer, The Bridge , Nicholas Hytner

2018 A Very Very Very Dark Matter , Prosthetics, Wigs and makeup designer, The Bridge, Martin MacDonagh , Matthew Dunster

2018 Pity , prosthetics and wig design, The Royal Court, Sam Pritchard

2018 Prudes , Hairstyling cut and color, The Royal Court, Anthony Nielsen

2018 The Last ship, Wigs , hair and makeup designer,Tour, Lorne Campbell

2018 Gundog, Hair colouring, The Royal Court , Vicky Featherstone

2018 The Exorcist, Phoenix Theatre , Wigs and Special Fx Makeup designer, Sean Mathias

2018 Everybodys talking about Jaime, Wigs design and drag queen makeup, Apollo Theatre, Jonathan Butterell

2018 The Grinning Man, Make-up/ Wigs/ Prosthetic  designer, Bristol Old VicTrafalgar studios, Tom Morris

2018 Blueberry toast , Prosthetic designer ,Soho theatre , Steve Marmion

2018 Instructions for the Correct Assembly, Prosthetics designer, The Royal court, Hamish Pirie

2018 Girls and Boys, Hair designer The Royal Court, Lindsay Turner

2018 Peter Pan, Regents Park Open Theatre, Wigs and makeup designer

2018 The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Wig/Hair/Makeup designer, Donmar Warehouse

2018 The Way Of The World , Wigs/ Makeup designer Donmar Warehouse, James Mcdonald

2018 Machinal , Wig designer, Almeida, Natalie Abrahami

2018 Julius Ceasar Hair stylist, The Bridge Theatre, Nicholas Hytner

2017 The Seagull , Wig designer, Lyric Hammersmith

2017 Witness Of The Prosecution, Wig design, Hair and make-up design, London Court House 

2017 The Master Builder, Hair/Makeup design,  West Yorkshire Playhouse

2017 People Places and Things (Tour) Wigs and makeup/hair design, Jeremy Herrin

2017, Wings, Wigmaker for Juliet Stevenson, Young Vic ,Natalie Abrahami

2017 Greek  Wigs and makeup/hair design, , Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Scottish Opera,  Joe Hill-Gibbins

2017 Road, Wigs and makeup/hair design, The Royal Court, John Tiffany

2017 Anatomy of a Suicide, Wigs and makeup fx /hair design,The Royal Court , Katie Mitchell

2017 Jane Eyre, Hair design, The National tour,Sally Cookson

2017 Pymelion, Wigs and makeup fx /hair design, West Yorkshire playhouse

2017 Gloria ,Wigs and makeup/hair design, Hampstead theatre , Michael Longhurst

2017 A Midsummer Nights Dream, Snape Maltings, Wigs, hair and makeup design, Netia Jones

2017 The Treatment, Wigs, hair/makeup design, Almeida, Lyndsey Turner

2017 City of Glass, Wigs, hair and makeup/hair design, Lyric , Leo Warner

 2017 Don Juan in Soho, Wyndhams, Wigs, makeup and fx design, Patrick Marber

2017 Rosenkrantz and Guildernstern are Dead, WIg, makeup and hair design, The Old Vic, David Levoux

2017 Hamlet, Wigs, hair/make-up/ fx design, Almeida, Harold Pinter Theatre, Robert Icke

2017 The Kid Stays in The Picture, Hair, makeup, wig maker and design, Royal Court/ Complicite', Simon Mcburney 

2017 The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds her Cameleon Skin, Wigs/ hair design, Stratford East, Kerry Michael

2016 The Duchman, Hair/makeup design, Young Vic

2016, Mary Stuart, Wig dressing, Robert Icke, Almeida

2016 Aladdin, Wigs and make-up, Lyric Theatre, Ellen Mcdoughall

2016  The intelligent homosexuals guide to capitalism and socialism with a key to the scriptures, Prosthetics, Hampstead Theatre, Michael Boyd

2016 Oil, Hair design, Almeida, Carrie Cracknell

2016 The Grinning Man, Wigs and Prosthetic design, Bristol old Vic, Tom Morris

2016 Bear Grylls Endeavor Tours, Wig design, Wembley arena and tour

2016  Father Came Home From The Wars, Wigs and makeup design, The Royal Court, Jo Bonney

2016 They Drink It In The Congo, Prosthetics, Almeida, Michael Longhurst

2016 Dedication, Hair and Makeup design, The Nuffield Theatre, Sam Hodges

2016 Unquiet Heart, Wigs designs, Lincoln Centre, New York, Netia Jones

2016 X , Prosthetic makeup designer,The Royal Court,Vicky Featherstone

2016 Soul, Royal and Derngate, Wigs design, James Dacre

2016 The Dark Mirror, Hair/makeup designer,Barbican, Netia Jones

2016 Escaped Alone, hair/makeup design, The Royal Court, James McDonald

2016 I see you, Hair/makeup design, The Royal Court, Noma Dumezweni

2015 Lord of the flies, Hairstylist,  Regents Park Theatre Tour
, Timothy Sheader

2015 Linda, hair/makeup/wig designer, The Royal Court, Michael Longhurst

2015 Hangmen, Hair/makeup designer,The Royal Court/ Wyndhams Matthew Dunster

2015 Tipping The Velvet, Hair/makeup/wig designer, Lyric, Lyndsey Turner

2015 Medea, Hair/makeup/wig designer, Almeida, Rupert Goold

2015 Oresteia, Mask designer, Almeida,Trafalgar studios, Robert Icke

2015 As Big As The Sky, Hair Wigs and make-up designer,Amsterdam BIMHUS, Ai Weiwei collaboration

2015 Singing in the Rain,Hair Wigs and make-up designer ,Kilworth theatre

2015 Rigoletto,Hair Wigs and make-up designer ,Ireland Tour, Selina Cartmell

2015/2016 Bugsy Malone, Hair Wigs and makeup designer, Lyric Hammersmith, Sean Holmes

2015 Teddy Ferrara, Wig designer, Donmar warehouse, Dominic Cooke

2015 The Game, Make-up/ wig design, Almeida, Sasha Wares

2015 Carmen Disruption, Hair/makeup/wigs designer, Almeida,Michael Longhurst

2015 The Twits, Hair Wigs and make-up designer, John Tiffany, The Royal Court

2015 How to Hold Your Breath ,makeup designer, Vicky Featherstone, The Royal Court

2015 Plaques and Tangles, Wig dresser, The Royal Court, Lucy Morrison

2015 Alice in Wonderland, Hair Wigs and make-up designer, Netia Jones,Barbican, Los Angeles

2014 The Neather, hair design, The Royal Court , Jeremy Heron

2014 Liberian Girl, Wig design, The Royal Court, Matthew Dunster

2014 Mr Burns, Wigs /makeup design, Almeida,Robert Icke

2014 Little Revolutions, Hair/makeup designer, Joe Hill-Gibbons

2014 Curlew River Hair Wigs and make-up designer, Netia Jones,New York,North Carolina,San Fransisco

2014 Birdland ,The Royal Court,Hair Wigs and make-up designer, Carrie Cracknell

2014 Grounded, Hairstylist, The Gate, Christopher Haydon

2013-2014 The Humans, Hair Wigs and make-up designer, Alexandre Singh, Rotterdam. New York,Avignon

2013 Marco Polo, Hair Wigs and make-up designer, Netia Jones, Norway

2012 Cinderella Hair Wigs and make-up designer, Lyric Hammersmith, Sean Holmes

2012 Where The Wild Things Are, Higgelty Piggelty Pop, Hair and Make-up Designer, Netia Jones, Walt Disney Concert Hall LA,Barbican

2012 Three Kindoms, Wig and Make-up Designer, Lyric Hammersmith, Simon Stevens

2011 Everlasting Light, Hair and Make-up Designer, Netia Jones

2001-2003 The Phantom of the Opera, Hair/Wig Dresser/Assistant Make-up Artist


2011 So you think you can dance, Black eyed Peas,Hair/make-up artist, Universal

2011 Paul O'Grady , Black eyed Peas , Hair/make-up artist, Universal

2010 X-Factor , Diana Vickers "My Wicked heart", Hair/make-up,Colonel blimp

2010 Twist my words, Hair and make-up designer ,Rory Fry , Channel 4

2008 Stanley Kubrick Season, Hair/Make-up Designer, Channel 4, Siri Bunford

2008 More 4 Easter, Hair/Make-up Designer, Channel 4, Siri Bunford

2008 What's next, Hair/Make-up Artist, Sky one, Brothers And Sisters

2007 Unveiled, Hair/Make-up artist, Channel 4, Brian Harrington

2007 VBS Road show, Hair/Make-up Artist, Nickelodeon, Brothers And Sisters, Charles Quilley

2007 Ken Russell Season, Prosthetic Mask Make-up/Wig Designer, Channel 4, Siri Bunford

2007 Gold-Plated, Make-up/Hair Designer, Channel 4, Siri Bunford

2005 Should I worry about..., Prosthetic Make-up Assistant/Wig Designer, BBC, Kate Shiers

2005 Nip Tuck, Prosthetic Make-up Assistant, Sky One, Jon Yeo

2004 Back to life, Prosthetic Make-up Artist/Hair Designer, Channel 4, James Hawes

2003 Jonathan Creek, Special FX Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist, BBC, Sandy Johnson


2013 Dyson commercial, Hair/make-up design, Jon Yeo

2012 Dyson commercial, Hair/make-up design, Jon Yeo

2010 Specsavers, Annex Films, David Baksh,

2009 Smackdown vs.raw, Hair Stylist/Tattoo Painter, Playstation commercial, Hatch productions

2009 Choose Harvey's, Make-up/Hair Designer, Velvet productions, Phil Hawkins

2008 Amouage (Perfume commercial) Hair Designer, Bacchus PR, Caroline

2007 Nintendo DS, Hair/Make-up Artist, MTV, Brothers and Sisters, Sam Washington

2007 Thomson's Travel, Make-Up/Hair Artist, Partizan Lab, Nick Hastings

2007 Quit Smoking Campaign, Special FX Make-up/Hair Designer, Quit, Nana Addow

2005 Toshiba, Make-up Artist/Hair Designer, Home

2005 Trading Races, Prosthetic Make-up Assistant/Hair/Wig Dresser, The Sun, Caroline Palmer

2005 The Sun Swap, Prosthetic Make-up/Assistant Hair/Wig Dresser, The Sun, Caroline Palmer Theatre

2004 New Id, Make-up/Hair Designer, HSN Florida, Joanne Benjamin

2003 The Getaway, Make-up/Hair Designer, Sony PlayStation, Tom/Charlie Guard


2013 The Wonka Hath Landed, Jake Emlyn, hair/make-up /costume design, Matthew O'Brien

2012 Husky," First Light",Hair& Make-up designer, Sven Arnstein

2011 Tinie Tempah ft Ellie Goulding , "Wonderman", Hair/make-up artist

2010 Chase and Status, "Let you go"Hair/make up artist, Pulse productions, Will Lovelace

2010 The Foals , "Blue Blood", Hair and make-up Designer, Colonel Blimp productions,Chris Sweeny

2009 Arctic Monkeys, "My Propeller", Make-up and Hair Designer, Pulse productions, Will Lovelace

2009 Armand Van Helden, "Duck sauce", Wig/Afro Hair Designer, Between the Eyes, Eran Creevy

2009 Kano, "More than one way", Make-up/Hair Designer, Between the Eyes, Emile

2009 Whiley, "Take that", Make-up/Hair Design, US3 Productions, Ben Newman

2009 Paradise Lost, Wig/Prosthetic Make-up Designer, Link productions, Nathan Theys

2009 Ghinzu, "Take it easy", Hair make-up designer, Between the eyes, Lee Lennox

2009 Gloria Cycles, "The chancer", Hair/Make-up/FX Designer, MTV, Alex White

2008 Tinchy Stryder feat Taio Cruz, Hair/Make-up Artist, Between the eyes, Emile

2008 Kid Cudi, "Day and night", Hair/Make-up Artist, Between the eyes, Lee Lennox

2008 Natty, "July", Hair/Make-up Artist, Between the eyes, Eran Creevy

2008 Sonny J, "Hands free", Hair/Make-up Artist, Between the eyes, Eran Creevy

2008 Utah Saints, "Something good 08", Hair/Make-up Artist, Between the eyes, Eran Creevy

2008 The Tumbling Dice"The Girl Next Door", Hair & Make-up Artist, Upset TV, Matt Cook

2007 The Ghost Frequency, "Never Have I seen a man alive", Special FX Make-up Designer,

Between The Eyes, Christopher Sweeny

2007 Right said Fred, "I'm Too Sexy", Key Body Paint/Make-up Artist/Hair Designer,Between The Eyes, Eran Creevy

2007 Justin Nouzuka, "Criminal", Special FX Make-up, Between The Eyes, Iran Creevy


2011 Water for Elephants ,Hairstylist for the London premiere,Premier PR

2010 Burlesque the movie, Hairstylist for the London premiere, Premier PR

2009 The Ugly Truth, Hairstylist for the London premiere, Premier PR

2009 Ma-costume show, Saddlers Wells Make-up/Hair designer, London College of Fashion

2009 The Golden Shears, Merchant Taylor, Make-up Designer, Lorreine Philips

2008 Cliff Richards 50th Anniversary Tour, Likeness Make-Up, Unconventional Productions,

Lou De Ville Morel

2008 Raisa Gorbacheva, Make-up Artist/Hairstylist for the Gorbachov's

2008 MA-Fashion Show, Hair designer, London College of Fashion, Rob Philips

2008 MA-Costume Show, Hair/Make-up Designer, Royal Academy of the Arts, V&A

2007 The Oscars, Celebrity Hair Stylist/Make-up artist, Hollywood CA

2007 Bafta, Celebrity Hair Stylist 2006

2005 FIFA 100 Anniversary, Hair/Make-up Artist

2001-2006 Alternative hair-show, Royal Albert Hall, Make-up/Hair Designer, London-Chicago

2001-2005 Wella, Goldwell, Redken, Intercosmo seminars/shows,

Hair/Make-up Designer/Platform Artist

2004 World Congress show Hair/Make-up designer/Platform artist

1995 Miss Sweden Contest, Hair Stylist/Make-up Artist

2005-Present Lcf Graduation catwalk BA, Make-up/Hair Designer

1998 Daniel Poole Fashion Shows, Hair designer /Stylist

1995 Alvsjomassan Stockholm, Platform Artist/Stylist

Magazines/Fashion/Website Fashion hair/Make-up/Wigs

2009 Ellie Goulding, Hairstyling for press and album cover

2008 "Rent your rocks", make-up/ hair design

2006-2007 Hardy Amies, Couture Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter/Ready to Wear

2003-2008 Hairdresser's Journal, Hair/Make-up Design

Tatler, 19 Magazine, Alternative Hair Magazine, The Chaser, Dazed and confused, Loud, Loaded, Vivid, The Sun, Evening Standard, Love It Mgazine